Complex is simple

So last month the city of Bulawayo experienced its first abnormal rig movement through the city.

Met with confusion the “houseboat” as it was popularly known during its stay was said to have a gross mass of over 100tons with a total length of over 20meters. While everybody  marveled at the size of this Zimbabwean built rig we were more intrigued by how it was loaded onto the lowbed trailer. The magnitude of this rig reminds one of the Egyptian pyramids, how those blocks got to be on top of each other without a crane of any sort, such is the case with this houseboat. Yes, no crane was used in the loading of this magnificent piece of engineering. It was built on stands and the lowbed was reversed underneath it with almost zero clearance and the stands were cut and it was settled onto the lowbed.

Hundred years down the line ,the principle used on the pyramids is being put into use,complex is still simple.