Fourth quota workshop projects

Hems Africa Engineering is proving beyond doubt that it is one of the giants that has been evolving. The past 2years have been very tough economically but Hems Africa through its management direction has managed to project and position themselves for the greater good. In this tough economic environment, you either evolve or die. Competition is really tough. We have managed to acquire machinery and also skills to compete in this industry.
This is evidenced by the projects that we have managed to do in this last quarter of the year. We believe that we are better positioned for the upcoming year since we are finishing on a good note.

Current Projects

a) Mining Sheds

We have done a complete big portal frame type of shed for one of the Mines. We did all the fabrication at our Bulawayo workshop and transported all the fabricated steel to the site, did all the installation work and later on all the sheeting work.
We are currently fabricating another portal frame shed also for another one of our clients. This is a very big shed (54m x 12m span and 12m high completely cladded with side sheds as well. This shed is capable of carrying a gantry crane as well.
These projects will also call all our Projects division to show our muscle to achieve all this ie Fabrication, Paint shop, transport, Installation crew and Sheeting. Achieving all this gives our clients confidence.

b) 60,000L capacity water tank

This is one of the projects we undertook this year for one of our Bulawayo clients. It is a purification and storage tank. The vessel is painted with Coupon paint for corrosion resistance. It was fabricated in our Bulawayo workshop, inspected and certified by Standards association of Zimbabwe as per standards for such vessels. This projects also calls for the combined effort of fabrication, paint shop and installation divisions.

c) Rigging Transport and Installation work
By acquiring 2 cranes, low bed and a powerful horse in the past years, we are able to provide a one stop shop for many projects of this nature. We are now able to provide this kind of service all over the country on our own. We have transported machinery, equipment and steel structures. We are indeed providing Engineering solutions for Africa.